With the carousel of CBD consumption options that are available to consumers, it is easy to lose track of which one will yield the best results. CBD comes in the form of anything from gummies to tinctures. 

One understated method of consuming CBD, though, is vaping. 

Vaping increases your body’s bioavailability, meaning that more CBD will be allowed to enter your circulatory system. This produces a more immediate calming effect that will help with things such as stress and anxiety, according to Weedmaps.

CBD vapes are a much more efficient way of allowing the organic compound’s soothing effects to reach your body quicker. 

Another reason you should consider vaping CBD is because of the convenience of vaping itself. Vapes are portable, small, and great for an on-the-go lifestyle. 

Kush CBD Vapes are modeled after this philosophy. They are sleek and discrete, allowing you to enjoy the effects of CBD wherever you go.

There has been a recent news spur about some vapes causing people to be ill. However, according to the well-known cannabis website Leafly, these illnesses were caused by unregulated vape products. 

Our vapes are a lab-tested, non-GMO product.