New Hardware and Packaging for Kush!

Keeping up with Kush? You’re going to dig Kush Vape’s latest glow-up. Kush has launched brand new packaging and hardware for the disposable CBD vapes you already know and love. The pens are still full of high-quality CBD and delicious all-natural cannabis terpenes from the best strains around, only now they are sleeker and simplified to everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Slim and smooth, these little black beauties come in bright and attractive new packaging making sure you know what Kush strain you’re getting, without any excessive, bulky or tricky packaging.

Even though these new suits look slimmer and sleeker, the internal deliciousness is still the same high-quality, non-gmo hemp-based CBD. The vape pens Kush uses are 0.5mL / 500mg pens, and each contain 200mg of CBD or 40% CBD. 

Unlike THC, Kush CBD has no psychoactive effects. Although CBD’s presence in cannabis is smaller than delta-9-THC, it is very prominent in hemp. That’s why Kush uses CBD that is derived specifically from hemp plants. Every puff from Kush vape pens is as pure as the last.

The cannabis industry is constantly innovating and improving, and Kush is committed to setting the standard for the best vaporization experience available. That means even our hardware needs to continuously improve the consumer experience. DONE. These babies are tried and trusted for a reason. There’s no clogging or leaking, no metal leaching or metallic taste, and with full vapor production and third party-testing, you can be sure you’re getting potent, reliable and delicious relief with Kush Vape.